B-17G-5-BO 42-31191

710th SQ — O


No. 42-31191, a B-17G-5-BO, built by Boeing at the Seattle plant and delivered to the Army Air Force on September 29, 1943; assigned to the 710th Squadron of the 447th on or about November 25. This aircraft flew twenty combat missions until March 27, 1944, when it was lost over France.

Its crew on that day, led by Lt. Richard Gaskell, was on its first combat mission. Eight members of the crew were captured, while two managed to evade capture and return to England. The aircraft is reported to have crashed near Marignac, France, some distance southwest of the target area.


Combat Missions

No. Date Target Pilot
2 12/30/43 LUDWIGSHAFEN Esterline
4 01/04/44 KIEL Guynn
6 01/07/44 LUDWIGSHAFEN Guynn
7 01/11/44 BRUNSWICK Eastman
10 01/24/44 FRANKFURT Guynn
13 02/03/44 WILHELMSHAVEN Esterline
16 02/06/44 EVREUX-FAUVILLE Chardi
20 02/20/44 TUTOW Ralston
21 02/21/44 DIEPHOLZ Esterline
22 02/24/44 ROSTOCK Rowland
23 02/25/44 REGENSBURG Johnson, K.A.
25 02/29/44 BRUNSWICK Pauling
26 03/03/44 BERLIN – RECALL Leach
27 03/04/44 BERLIN – RECALL Johnson, K.A.
29 03/08/44 BERLIN Abernathy
30 03/09/44 BERLIN Abernathy
33 03/15/44 BRUNSWICK Guynn
34 03/16/44 AUGSBURG Davis
35 03/18/44 MUNICH Town
40 03/27/44 MARIGNAC CHARTRES Gaskill



Gaskell Crew

Source: MACR 3546 as summarized in Project Bits & Pieces, Roll of Honor

Pilot 2Lt Richard Gaskell POW
Copilot 2Lt Raymond C. Kooreney POW
Navigator 2Lt Raymond L. Walsh POW
Bombardier 2Lt Modesto A. Gonzales POW
Top Turret Sgt Glenn C. Underwood POW
Radio Operator  S/Sgt Joseph H. Koenig POW
Ball Turret Sgt Wilbur E. Volz EVD
Left Waist S/Sgt Edwin S. Pankhurst POW
Right Waist Sgt Albert H. Ross POW
Tail Gunner Sgt Thomas A. Smith EVD






710SQ;  HARVARD FTR Bordeaux 3/27/44 w/Gaskell; e/a, cr Marignac, Fr; 2EVD 8POW