B-17G-5-BO 42-31208

709th SQ — Q


Delivered Cheyenne 1/10/43; Harvard 14/10/43; Assigned 709BS/447BG Rattlesden 21/11/43


Flight listings for 42-31208

These lists are NOT limited to officially credited Combat missions, and may include Aborts, returns and non-takeoff occurrences as well.

447th Mission (Date) Target Pilot Notes
#3 (31-Dec-43) Cognac, France Sizer, J. C.  
#9 (21-Jan-44) Grand Parc, France Sizer, J. C.  
#10 (24-Jan-44) Frankfurt, Germany Gruber, M. J. Not attack
#13 (03-Feb-44) Wilhelmshaven, Germany Sizer, J. C.  
#14 (04-Feb-44) Frankfurt, Germany Sizer, J. C.  
#15 (05-Feb-44) Romilly-sur-Seine, France Donahue, W. D.  
#17 (08-Feb-44) Weisbaden, Germany Sizer, J. C. Failed to T/O, Ball Turret inop
#18 (10-Feb-44) Brunswick, Germany Sizer, J. C. Long delay
#19 (13-Feb-44) Pas de Calais, Marquenville, France Sizer, J. C.  
#20 (20-Feb-44) Rostock, Germany Nance, E. T.  
#21 (21-Feb-44) Diepholz, Germany Sizer, J. C.  
#22 (24-Feb-44) Rostock, Germany Sizer, J. C.  
#23 (25-Feb-44) Regensburg, Germany Sizer, J. C. ABORT, Pilot sick
#24 (28-Feb-44) Bois de la Justice, France Jurnecka, J. E  
#27 (04-Mar-44) Berlin, Germany Sizer, J. C. ABORT Heating Equip out
#28 (06-Mar-44) Berlin, Germany Sizer, J. C.  
#29 (08-Mar-44) Berlin, Germany Overdorf, H. W. slated #210
#30 (09-Mar-44) Berlin, Germany Jurnecka, J. E DITCHED


Missing in Action Berlin 9/3/44 with Joe Jurnecka, Co-pilot: Howard McHenry, Navigator: J. G. Heinzelman, Bombardier: J. F. White, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: J. Wodin, Radio Operator: R. R. Shorts, Ball turret gunner: D. B. Thompson, Waist gunner: W. M. Tatum, Waist gunner: C.V. Holden, Tail gunner: J.C. Seidligili (10 Returned to Duty); Ditched North Sea on return, all rescued. No MACR.



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