42-31724 DEAR M.O.M.

Photo from Harley Tuck’s collection, very possibly 42-31724 Dear M.O.M.
Note flak-damaged bomb bay door

B-17G-10-BO 42-31724

708th SQ

42-31724, Dear M.O.M., a B-17G-10-BO built in Seattle in October 1943, and was delivered to the 447th at Rattlesden on January 18, 1944, and assigned to the 708th Squadron. 724 was to become the replacement for the Gilleran crew‘s 42-31145 Hi-Jinx, lost on February 6 over France with the Reed crew on board. The name Dear M.O.M. was chosen by the Gilleran crew as a tribute to their bombardier, Lt. Marion O. McGurer, who was wounded in action on Feburary 4 and removed from flight duty.


Combat Missions

1  02/20/44  TUTOW Gilleran
2 02/21/44 DIEPHOLZ Goetz
3 02/24/44 ROSTOCK Gilleran
4 02/25/44 REGENSBURG Gilleran
5 02/28/44 NOBALL NO. 74 BOIS DE LA JUSTICE Eastman
6 02/29/44 BRUNSWICK Gilleran
7 03/03/44 BERLIN – RECALL Gilleran
8 03/09/44 BERLIN  Gilleran
9 03/11/44 MUNSTER Gilleran
10 03/11/44 MUNSTER Johnson, K.A.
11 03/15/44 BRUNSWICK Gilleran
12 03/22/44 BERLIN Gilleran
13 03/26/44 NOBALL NO. 93 LA SORELLERIE Gilleran
14 03/27/44 MARIGNAC CHARTRES Gilleran
15 03/28/44 CHARTRES Gilleran
16 04/01/44 LUDWIGSHAFEN Gilleran
17 04/10/44 DIEST SCHAFFEN Flemming
18 04/11/44 ARNIMSWALDE Eastman
19 04/13/44 AUGSBURG Gilleran
21 04/20/44 NOBALL Gilleran
22 04/22/44 HAMM Gilleran

Amid flak bursts, Dear M.O.M. is seen going down in flames. Dear M.O.M is reported to have crashed near Werl, Germany. (Photo from Harley Tuck’s collection)


As listed in MACR 4174, A/C 42-31724 Dear M.O.M.

Lt Thomas W. Gilleran Pilot POW
2Lt Henry E. Mamlock Copilot POW
2Lt Richard L. Lazarus Navigator POW
2Lt Louis T. Wigdorwitz Bombardier POW
T/Sgt Charles H. McHugh Top Turret POW
T/Sgt Harley H. Tuck Radio Operator POW
S/Sgt M. D. Harris Ball Turret POW
S/Sgt Fred T. Hawley Left Waist POW
S/Sgt Eugene A. Kealer Right Waist POW
S/Sgt Donald A. Worley Tail Gunner POW


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708SQ; FTR Hamm 4/22/44 w/Gilleran; flak, cr Werl, Ger; 10POW; Profile