42-37868 DUE BACK

B-17G-15-DL 42-37868

708th SQ — B

Photo taken at Rattlesden, sometime between November ’43 and April ’44 with an unidentified crew (possibly the Rozmus crew). Due Back was lost on April 29, 1944.


Delivered Denver 25/9/43; Harvard 15/10/43; Assigned 708BS/447BG [CQ-B] Rattlesden 19/11/43


Flight listings for 42-37868

These lists are NOT limited to officially credited Combat missions, and may include Aborts, returns and non-takeoff occurrences as well.

447th Mission (Date) Target Pilot Notes
#10 (24-Jan-44) Frankfurt, Germany LaGasse, V. H.  
#12 (30-Jan-44) Brunswick, Germany David, R. G.  
#13 (03-Feb-44) Wilhelmshaven, Germany Rozmus, H. A. Failed to Take Off
#14 (04-Feb-44) Frankfurt, Germany Goetz, W. B. Swapped with Lowry (Lead SQ)
#19 (13-Feb-44) Pas de Calais, Marquenville, France Gilleran, T. W.  
#20 (20-Feb-44) Rostock, Germany Geyer, P. D.  
#21 (21-Feb-44) Diepholz, Germany Marcy, C. H. Not attack, #3 engine out
#23 (25-Feb-44) Regensburg, Germany Rozmus, H. A.  
#24 (28-Feb-44) Bois de la Justice, France Rozmus, H. A.  
#26 (03-Mar-44) Berlin, Germany Rozmus, H. A.  
#27 (04-Mar-44) Berlin, Germany Rozmus, H. A. ABORT Oxy out
#28 (06-Mar-44) Berlin, Germany Herdic, C. W. slated 127
#29 (08-Mar-44) Berlin, Germany Rozmus, H. A.  
#32 (13-Mar-44) Bois de la Justice, France Hughes, H. T.  
#33 (15-Mar-44) Brunswick, Germany Herdic, C. W.  
#34 (16-Mar-44) Augsburg, Germany Hughes, H. T.  
#35 (18-Mar-44) Munich, Germany Rozmus, H. A.  
#36 (20-Mar-44) Frankfurt, Germany Town, A. E.  
#37 (22-Mar-44) Berlin, Germany Rozmus, H. A.  
#40 (27-Mar-44) Merignac, Chartes, France Brown, J. C.  
#42 (01-Apr-44) Ludwigshafen, Germany Hitchcock, W. H.  
#43 (08-Apr-44) Rheine, Germany Rozmus, H. A.  
#44 (09-Apr-44) Warnemunde, Germany Rozmus, H. A.  
#45 (10-Apr-44) Diest Schaffen, Germany Rozmus, H. A.  
#46 (11-Apr-44) Arnimswalde, Poland Rozmus, H. A.  
#47 (13-Apr-44) Augsburg, Germany Rozmus, H. A.  
#48 (18-Apr-44) Oranienburg / Rathnow, Germany Rozmus, H. A.  
#52 (24-Apr-44) Friedrichshafen, Germany Rozmus, H. A.  
#53 (26-Apr-44) Brunswick, Germany Rozmus, H. A.  
#55 (27-Apr-44) Le Culot, France Rozmus, H. A.  
#56 (29-Apr-44) Berlin, Germany Blom, C. J. MISSING


Missing in Action: The Carl Blom crew aboard 42-37868 DUE BACK when it was lost.

Carl Blom Pilot POW
Wallace Lane Co-pilot POW
Dudley Davis Navigator POW
Dare Ziemer Bombardier POW
Windsor Graham Flight engineer/top turret gunner POW
Dick Ferrighetto Waist gunner POW
Arthur Watt Radio Operator KIA
Lloyd Arthur Ball turret gunner KIA
Ike Guyton Waist gunner KIA
Bob Tobin Tail gunner KIA

Missing Air Crew Report 4251 enemy aircraft, crashed Grasleben, six miles N of Helmstedt, Ger.


Discovered by Michael Annicaert of Belgium, from a collection owned by S/Sgt. Berton E. Swift of the 708th BS.






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