B-17G-95-BO 43-38731

711th SQ — O

Named by the cast of the London production of Noel Coward’s “Blythe Spirit,” appearing at Rattlesden in October 1944.

The censors working in reverse? photo looks to have been altered while developing to enhance the name.


Flight listings for 43-38731

These lists are NOT limited to officially credited Combat missions, and may include Aborts, returns and non-takeoff occurrences as well.

447th Mission (Date) Target Pilot Notes
#26 (03-Mar-44) Berlin, Germany Zeig, R. J. PFF #731, Zeig CP2x 731
#163 (19-Oct-44) Mannheim, Germany Graves, P. A. ABORTEngine rough
#164 (22-Oct-44) Munster, Germany McMath, R.  
#166 (26-Oct-44) Hanover, Germany McMath, R.  
#167 (30-Oct-44) Merseburg, Germany Neal, G. G.  
#169 (02-Nov-44) Merseburg, Germany McMath, R.  
#171 (05-Nov-44) Ludwigshafen, Germany Neal, G. G.  
#172 (06-Nov-44) Neumunster, Germany Neal, A. M.  
#174 (11-Nov-44) Oberlahnstein, Germany Neal, G. G.  
#175 (16-Nov-44) Duren, Germany McMath, R. Landed at Welford Park
#176 (21-Nov-44) Koblenz, Germany Poynor, R. E.  
#177 (25-Nov-44) Merseburg, Germany Neal, G. G. Target of Opp
#178 (26-Nov-44) Hamm, Germany Josephson, H. C.  
#179 (27-Nov-44) Bingen, Germany Josephson, H. C.  
#180 (30-Nov-44) Lutzkendorf, Germany Hodge, L. T.  
#181 (04-Dec-44) Mainz, Germany Rohde, E. M  
#182 (06-Dec-44) Merseburg, Germany Clawson, O. R.  
#183 (10-Dec-44) Koblenz, Germany Herring, D. A.  
#184 (11-Dec-44) Koblenz, Germany Poynor, R. E.  
#185 (12-Dec-44) Darmstadt, Germany Jessen, H. F. Cameraman (42-30731 was PFF-Q)
#186 (15-Dec-44) Hannover, Germany Hodge, L. T.  
#187 (18-Dec-44) Mainz, Germany Poynor, R. E.  
#189 (28-Dec-44) Koblenz, Germany Rohde, E. M  
#190 (30-Dec-44) Mannheim, Germany Neal, G. G.  
#191 (31-Dec-44) Wenzendorf, Germany White, W. A.  
#192 (01-Jan-45) Dollberg, Germany Hodge, L. T.  
#194 (03-Jan-45) Koblenz, Germany Neal, G. G.  
#195 (05-Jan-45) Waxweiler, Germany Malone, E. G. ABORT Sick person (Leaflets)
#196 (06-Jan-45) Worms, Germany Tetreault, E. E. J.  
#197 (07-Jan-45) Paderborn, Germany Clawson, O. R.  
#198 (08-Jan-45) Frankfurt, Germany Poynor, R. E.  
#201 (14-Jan-45) Magdeburg, Germany Thompson, R. H.  
#202 (15-Jan-45) Augsburg, Germany Armstrong, I. V.  
#203 (16-Jan-45) Dessau, Germany Neal, G. G. Landed at Sandtoft
#204 (20-Jan-45) Heilbronn, Germany Jessen, H. F.  
#206 (29-Jan-45) Kassel, Germany Neal, G. G.  
#207 (01-Feb-45) Wesel, Germany Hodge, L. T. ABORT #2 Super out
#209 (06-Feb-45) Chemnitz, Germany Neal, G. G.  
#211 (14-Feb-45) Wesel, Germany Quist, C. G.  
#212 (15-Feb-45) Cottbus, Germany Jessen, H. F.  
#213 (16-Feb-45) Wesel, Germany Neal, G. G.  
#216 (22-Feb-45) Aalen, Germany Neal, A. M.  
#218 (24-Feb-45) Bremen, Germany Baker, J. G.  
#219 (25-Feb-45) Neuberg, Germany Neal, G. G.  
#221 (27-Feb-45) Leipzig, Germany Wagner, K. J. Failed to T/O
#223 (02-Mar-45) Dresden, Germany Wright, T. G.  
#228 (10-Mar-45) Dortmund, Germany Thompson, R. H.  
#229 (11-Mar-45) Hamburg, Germany Bruckman, C. H.  
#231 (14-Mar-45) Hannover, Germany Chandler, H. D.  
#232 (15-Mar-45) Oranienburg, Germany Jessen, H. F.  


Lost over Oranienburg, March 15, 1945, with the following crew aboard (Marked on Load List as MIA)

Lt Harluf T Jessen Pilot
Lt Robert P Dwight Co-Pilot
Lt Walter A Hoffman Navigator
Sgt Harry E Pfautz Bombardier
S/Sgt Karl R Laubhan Top Turret
S/Sgt Richard A Kiedrowski Radio Operator
Sgt Helmer W Gangestad Ball Turret
Sgt Claude A Gatlin WG
Sgt Edward Evans Tail Gunner
Sgt Campbell S-J


Henningsen crew with Blythe Spirit


Photo before February 1945




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