B-17G-55-DL 44-6581

711th SQ


711SQ; MIA Weimar 2/9/45 w/Kuntz; e/a, cr Lochmule, Ger; 3KIA 7POW


Flight listings for 44-6581

These lists are NOT limited to officially credited Combat missions, and may include Aborts, returns and non-takeoff occurrences as well.

447th Mission (Date) Target Pilot Notes
#202 (15-Jan-45) Augsburg, Germany Blecha, M. K.  
#203 (16-Jan-45) Dessau, Germany Tetreault, E. E. J. Landed at Lindholme
#204 (20-Jan-45) Heilbronn, Germany Tetreault, E. E. J.  
#205 (21-Jan-45) Mannheim, Germany Hammond, R.  
#206 (29-Jan-45) Kassel, Germany Hayes, P. H.  
#207 (01-Feb-45) Wesel, Germany Kuntz, K. C.  
#208 (03-Feb-45) Berlin, Germany Kuntz, K. C.  
#209 (06-Feb-45) Chemnitz, Germany Kuntz, K. C.  
#210 (09-Feb-45) Weimar, Germany Kuntz, K. C. MISSING



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