B-17G-90-DL 44-83684



Possibly “last a/c assigned to grp” (Freeman) but perhaps not delivered; tran to drone director until 1960; Civil N3713G at Chino, CA 1984; used in 12 O’Clock High; PICADILLY LILLY (film name)


Text near fuselage door reads: “Movie World / Planes of Fame”


Assigned 447BG Rattlesden 4/45 as PICCADILLY LILLY (last aircraft assgd grp), transferred to DB-17P Director for Drones at Air Defense Weapons Centre, 3205 Drone Group, Eglin till 1960, operating last B-17 mission for USAF, before retiring to Davis-Monthan, Az.



Some information and/or images sourced from the American Air Museum database