PFF Planes

PFF ship 44-8393 Y, photographed at bombs-away by John Kirkwood (Mustaleski crew) during the April 8 mission to Plauen


Assorted PFF Aircraft

There were a number of Pathfinder aircraft flown on missions with the 447th BG that were not identified on the Formation Charts or Load Lists. Some PFF planes have already been linked to plane numbers on the 447th BG listings (such as 44-8393 pictured above) and appear among the Planes pages like any other plane.

As for the others, until they can be identified by number this page will serve as a catch-all listing.


Here are some unidentified PFF examples that have shown up on our listings so far:

Mission: 006 (07-Jan-44) Harris, H. Dixon was Pilot, Harris CP
Mission: 010 (24-Jan-44) Jumper, G. Y. Lecates P; Jumper CP ; Abort
Mission: 011 (29-Jan-44) McGuire, L. F.  
Mission: 013 (03-Feb-44) Newman, F. M. PFF
Mission: 014 (04-Feb-44) Shepard, C. R. Actually co-Pilot with completely unidentified crew
Mission: 017 (08-Feb-44) Smith, B. B. PFF #970, failed to T/O wingtip damage
Mission: 022 (24-Feb-44) McGuire, L. F. Capt. McGuire and PFF crew (HA McGuire in B Group); landed at Alconbury
Mission: 135 (30-Aug-44) Rall, T. J. PFF #936-F(not Y or K)