Unknown Planes

Assorted Unknown Aircraft

There were a number of aircraft flown on missions with the 447th BG that could not be identified on the Formation Charts or Load Lists. These documents typically refer to the planes by the last three or four digits of the aircraft number, like 42-31582 listed as 582. 

In some rare instances, there are shortened numbers on the documents that do not match any of the planes on the 447th BG roster (or have yet to be determined).

For the listings on the mission pages, these will be referred to as UNK accompanied by notes (such as hardstand number) which may help lead to future identification.

Until then, this page will serve as a catch-all for these special planes.


Here are some examples that have shown up on our listings so far:


Mission: 099 (25-Jun-44) Peters, D. K. #551 on R/W 6
Mission: 120 (04-Aug-44) McRay, E. J. switched to #092 but no HS so could be 3 options