Lucky Bastards’ Club

Lucky Bastards’ Club


This is a collection of Lucky Bastards Club certificates provided by members of the 447th. The certificates were issued to combat crewmen upon completion of their tour of duty. Surviving certificates vary greatly in the condition of the original, and the quality of the images provided.

Why are Lucky Bastards certificates important? For several reasons. Without doubt, they are valuable historical artifacts and have a certain charm — light-heartedly commemorating difficult and trying events.

But more importantly, they are a formal, official record of significant data, particularly the names given to aircraft by their crews. In several cases below, the certificates have established not only specific names that are not previously recorded, but also the dates those names were used. These certificates are widely accepted proof for the provenance of aircraft names.


Should you add yours to the collection? Absolutely! 

[Maybe?] 447th Members: Have you lost your Certificate? The 447th Bomb Group Association is now able to provide authentic reproductions of lost certificates to its qualified veterans or family members. See the Association’s PX for more details.



Joseph A. Adams

Ball Turret Gunner on Miss Undecided


Robert W. Adams

Pilot on Sweet Seventeen


August Altese

Navigator, Young crew, 708th


Osvaldo Angelocci

Lowry crew, 711th. Perhaps one of the earliest ever issued in the 447th



William Beste

Lakeman/Noonan crew, 708th



Roy Bogard

McMath crew, 711th



James O. Burke

Waist Gunner


Raymond Casserly

Navigator on Eagle’s Brood; Robert L. Warriner crew


Guy E. Chandler

Tail Gunner


Joseph C. Chehetar

Waist Gunner


Chris J. Christie

Radio Operator; Big Shorty


Paul J. Collins

Bombardier; Jocko


Ellis Colvin

Aaberg/Moriarty crew, 711th. Navigator; Journey’s End


Alan Cook

Co-pilot Rohde crew, 711th. Umbriago


Edward Corker

Harms crew, 708th. Radio Operator; Bang Bang Lulu


Henry “Hank” Corrow

Tietjen crew, 708th


George Dannehl

Tail Gunner


Russell Davis

Navigator 710th


William J. Delange


Ripley W. Gage



Raymond H. Garrant

Spot Jammer


John Hardie

Coleman crew, 709th


William Hecker



Loran B. Heeb

Flight Engineer; Ol’ Scrapiron


Carl Herdic

Pilot, 708th


Leonard D. Hessenauer

Noonan and Zammett crews, 708th


Virgil H. Hill



Richard B. Hilsinger

Hawkins crew, 708th


George Hoidra

Folts crew, 708th


John S. Huff

William Brown crew, 709th


John Hughes

Engineer on Scrap Iron


James Hysong

Pilot, 708th


James P. Jennings

Co-Pilot on Lush Thrush


Leonard T. Johnson

Bomb/Nav on Lonesome Lads. 

Signed by his crew members Milton Hampton, Robert E. Johnson, Kenneth W. Wells, Abraham B. Lobel, Charles E. Lower, Paul Stanik and Arthur J. Schuppel.


Peter Karp



John Kates

Henningsen crew, 710th


Jack Keller

Stevenson and Dahlgren crews, 711th


Harold Kiena

Hoffman crew, 710th / signed by the entire crew


Robert W. King

Tail gunner on Lil’ Eight Ball


Robert O. Knapp

Radio Operator


Lyndon F. Lakeman



Jerry Lashin

Waist Gunner


John K. Lauer

Radio Operator on Hellsapoppin’


Gerald Leavitt

Pilot, 710th


C.W. LeGrand



Frank E Lehner



Edward E. Leighty

Waist Gunner


Eugene Lewis

Co-Pilot; Devil’s Brat


Peter Linza

Beaty crew, 710th


Abe Lobel

Hampton crew, 710th


Robert F. Longwitz



Leslie F. Lund



Roy May

Skalitsky crew, 709th


James McBroom

Pilot, 710th


Donald McDermott

Pilot 710th


Charles Meshel

Phaneuf crew, 708th


Ralph Minker

Pilot, 709th


David O. Monroe

Farson crew, 709th


Thomas Moriarty

Copilot/Pilot, 711th


Earl E. Morrison

Radio Operator


Harold A. Motz



Leonard Nelson

Pattee crew, 710th


Kenneth Pebley

Right Waist


Lauri Rautio

Mayhew crew, 708th


James C. Ray



Roy A. Roesch

Turret Operator


Ernst “Bob” Rohde

Pilot, 711th


Carmen “Tony” Schiavoni

Nance crew, 709th


Isaac D. Shields


30 Missions


50 Missions


William Shrum

Reece crew, 710th


Skip Simon

Waist Gunner


Donald L. Smith

James Ray crew, 709th


Robert Stevenson

Shute crew, 710th


Melvin Strunk

Mahl and Fagg crews, 709th

(Original in the collection of the Eisenhower Center in Abelene, Kansas)


Jackson L. Todd

Ball Turret Gunner, Eastman crew, 708th


Leonard H. Van Over

Togglier/Ball Turret Gunner


Elwyn Warfle



Thomas W. Watson

Tail Gunner on Lucky Stehley Boy


John G. White

Sandquist crew, 709th


John T. Williams

Polansky Crew, 708th


Rembert H. Wooldridge

Waist Gunner, Tuxedo Tomie


Phillip C. Zenoya






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