Mission 017 (8 Feb 1944) Weisbaden, Germany

Target Type: Target Of Opportunity

Formation RED/GREEN/YELLOW; but Load Lists RED/RED/YELLOW (High SQ may be RED)

A Group

Lead Squadron: Red / 710th BS

Harris, H. PFF PFF #745, landed at Alconbury
Zeig, R. J. 44-6511 PFF #511, TO chart shows Goetz. Failed to Take Off, stuck in mud
Finfinger, G. E. 42-31563 replaced Kautt
Graham, F. R. 42-31112  
Kaffun, E. 42-31160  
Ralston, D. E. 42-97484 ABORT gas leak

High Squadron: Green / 709th BS

Smith, B. B. PFF PFF #970, failed to T/O wingtip damage
Kreuzer, H. L. 42-31519  
Goetz, W. B. 42-31128  
Greenwell, W. R. 42-31530  
Tigh, W. P. 42-31186  
Skinner, E. H. 42-39874  
Nance, E. T. 42-31157  
Beaty, E. E. 42-37910  
Sizer, J. C. 42-31208 Failed to T/O, Ball Turret inop

Low Squadron: Not Indicated

Dalzell, J. W. 42-31104  
Pauling, H. S. 42-31185  
Morley, R. E. 42-37866  
Hitchcock, W. H. 42-38039  
Gilleran, T. W. 42-97497  
Rozmus, H. A. 42-31124 ABORT Oxygen failure