Mission 023 (25 Feb 1944) Regensburg, Germany

Target Type: Aircraft Factory

Mission 23 Notes: 447-A was Lead Gp 4B Wing; 447-B was Low Gp 4B Wing

A Group

Lead Squadron: Blue / 711BS

Bonham, F. H. 42-38097  
Duke, E. L. 42-31719 Failed to T/O, Ran off runway
Aaberg, C. A. 42-37855 CRASHED at Penshurst; KIA
Leach, C. T. 42-37842  
Johnson, W. H. 42-97501  
Gruber, M. J. 42-39882  

High Squadron: Green / 709th BS

Skinner, E. H. 42-39874  
Kreuzer, H. L. 42-39886 ABORT Personnel
Johnson, P. W. 42-31519  
Goetz, W. B. 42-31128 ABORT Chin turret on fire
Sizer, J. C. 42-31208 ABORT, Pilot sick
Jurnecka, J. E 42-31165  
McGuire, H. A. 42-31777  
Lowry, F. A. 42-37864  
Harris, C, W. 42-31186 Failed to T/O, #2 Supercharger inop

B Group

Lead Squadron: Red / 710th BS

Chardi, M. L. 42-31431 MISSING
Leavitt, G. N. 42-31112 ABORT Oil leak
Overdorf, H. W. 42-31144 slated 217
Zeig, R. J. 42-38164  
Marcy, C. H. 42-31210 ABORT #2 Eng failure
Beaty, E. E. 42-39865 ABORT

High Squadron: Yellow / 708th BS

LaGasse, V. H. 42-31918  
Gilleran, T. W. 42-31724  
Rozmus, H. A. 42-37868  
Stenvig, J. A. 42-37866 swapped planes with Socolofsky
Hopla, C. S. 42-31104 ABORT Eng trouble
Geyer, P. D. 42-31148 ABORT #4 Eng failure; slated 206
Socolofsky, A. R. 42-31127 ABORT #2 Prop feathered; swapped planes with Stenvig
Donahue, W. D. 42-31092 slated 227
Pauling, H. S. 42-31156  

Low Squadron: Not Indicated

Keller, O. F. 42-31124  
Hudson, W. C. 42-38052  
Fouts, R. E. 42-31204 ABORT #1 Super out
Johnson, K. A. 42-31191  
Kautt, E. T. 42-31563 MISSING
Guynn, A. H. 42-97484