Mission 041 (28 Mar 1944) Chartres, France

Target Type: Air Field



Mission 41 Notes: 447-A. Looks like there might have been a B Group but no paperwork



B Group looks to include: McRay, Newman, Smith, Larson, Eastman, Widstrom, Nance, Norris, Flemming, McKay, (two unintelligible names) Kaezmarek? (in B-17E) and Bonham


A Group

Lead Squadron: Blue / 711BS

Keller, O. F. 42-97064  
Leach, C. T. 42-97497  
Lowry, F. A. 42-31124  
Reynolds, W. A. 42-97148  
Sollars, J. A. 42-31184  
Brown, J. C. 42-31161  

High Squadron: Red / 710th BS

Johnson, K. A. 42-38164  
Thornbury, J. R. 42-97135  
Voorhees, W. P. 42-31902  
Guynn, A. H. 42-107029  
Davis, C. C. 42-107052  
Abernathy, J. L. 42-107003  
Hoffmeister, G. E. 42-39865  
Morrison, H. A. 42-31144  
Kreuzer, H. L. 42-31225 from Spares

Low Squadron: Yellow / 708th BS

LaGasse, V. H. 42-31918  
Hopla, C. S. 42-31185  
Pauling, H. S. 42-31156  
Stenvig, J. A. 42-39874  
Hughes, H. T. 42-31154  
Gilleran, T. W. 42-31724  

Spare Squadron: Green / 709th BS

Sizer, J. C. 42-39864 Spare list
Flemming, D. S. 42-37864 Spare list