Mission 056 (29 Apr 1944) Berlin, Germany

Target Type: Worst Losses For The Group


Mission 56 Notes: 447-A Low Gp 4A Wing; 447-B High Gp 4A Wing

A Group

Lead Squadron: Red / 710th BS

Norris, T. R. 42-107072  
Champlin, H. D. 42-97176  
Davis, C. C. 42-107052  
Van Every, H. 42-107025  
Voorhees, W. P. 42-107003  
Owens, W. E. 42-37873  
Marcy, C. H. 42-97135 MISSING

High Squadron: Yellow / 708th BS

Morley, R. E. 42-31092  
Dowler, C. R. 42-102421 MISSING
Hitchcock, W. H. 42-107020  
Hughes, H. T. 42-31144 MISSING; originally slated as 095
Blom, C. J. 42-37868 MISSING
Donahue, W. D. 42-37866 MISSING
Farrell, E. P. 42-102479 MISSING

Low Squadron: Green / 709th BS

Greenwell, W. R. 42-31777 ABORT; Ox failure
Zanoya, P. C. 42-31100 ABORT; Oil failure
Otto, H. S. 42-31154 swapped with Pleticha in A gp
McGuire, H. A. 42-97624  
Kaye, H. C. 42-39886 ABORT; Ill gunner
Walsh, W. J. 42-31188  
Moses, W. 42-31104  

B Group

Lead Squadron: Blue / 711BS

Carmack, M. C. 42-97538 710th; S.C.out
Peper, A. D. 42-31161 MISSING
Flemming, D. S. 42-31519 MISSING
Johnson, E. D. 42-97501 MISSING
Paris, H. M. 42-31217 MISSING

Low Squadron: Blue / 711BS

Reynolds, W. A. 42-102395  
Davidson, W. A. 42-31124 MISSING
Pettus, R. H. 42-97179  
Brown, J. C. 42-97497 Landed at Woodbury
Hanks, D. J. 42-37854 708th
Pleticha, J. F. 42-38052 swapped with Otto in A gp