Mission 070 (25 May 1944) Brussels, Belgium

Target Type: Marshalling Yards


Mission 70 Notes: 447-A was Lead Gp 4B Wing; 447-B Lead Sq of High Composite Group 4th CW, with the 94th High

A Group

Lead Squadron: Green / 709th BS

Lewis, H. E. 42-97634 PFF #634
Zanoya, P. C. 42-97801  
Kaye, H. C. 44-6027 Not disp; supercharger out
Noyd, J. W. 42-107215  
Fagg, P. E. 42-97624  
Farson, M. W. 44-6003  
Goetz, W. B. 42-3487 spare; T/O and landed in #777, switched to 487

High Squadron: Yellow / 708th BS

LaGasse, V. H. 42-32081  
Cleveland, E. L. 42-102652 Woolsey as Co-Pilot
Gibson, E. F. 42-102591  
Socolofsky, A. R. 42-102632  
Adam, R. F. 42-31104  
De Haas, J. 42-31095  
Herdic, C. W. 42-97400  

Low Squadron: Blue / 711BS

Reynolds, W. A. 42-97148  
Miller, W. 42-107025  
Peterson, C. E. 42-37871  
Hanks, D. J. 42-107079  
Pleticha, J. F. 42-97147  
Sollars, J. A. 42-38052 Ret’d, spare

B Group

Lead Squadron: Blue / 711BS

Leavitt, G. N. 42-97092  
Praser, J. E. 42-107117  
Champlin, H. D. 42-102471  
Abernathy, J. L. 42-107003  
Moran, B. 42-107052  
Prischmann, E. H. 42-31902 Not disp, unable to keep up with formation