Mission 085 (7 Jun 1944) Nantes, France

Target Type: Railroad Yards


A Group

Lead Squadron: Yellow / 708th BS

Eastman, T. F. 42-32081  
Hanks, D. J. 42-107079  
Golden, M. L. 42-31095 Landed at Gravesden
Cleveland, E. L. 43-37531  
Gibson, E. F. 42-102658  
Wiegerink, L. T. 42-107220 Landed at Boreham

Low Squadron: Yellow / 708th BS

Peters, D. K. 42-102652  
Bowers, H. C. 42-102632  
Leitch, D. G. 42-31185  
Gormly, R. P. 44-6003  
Phillips, J. M. 42-97497 ABORT, could not keep up
Larson, W. A. 42-97400 Landed at Boreham

B Group

Lead Squadron: Blue / 711BS

Brown, J. C. 42-97803 with Maj. McRay; Landed at Nuthampstead
Sollars, J. A. 42-97296 slated #8052; Landed at Nuthampstead
Brandt, G. C. 42-38052 Landed at Ridgewell
Phillips, L. 42-107219  
Peterson, C. E. 42-31206 Landed at Wormingford
Pleticha, J. F. 42-97147  

Low Squadron: Green / 709th BS

Kaye, H. C. 44-6027 (seems early to have a 44- serial
Cook, J. D. 42-97801 Landed at Little Walden
Gage, R. W. 42-97572 ABORT, lost formation
Olds, R. W. 42-39874  
Ray, J. C. 42-3485 Landed at Hunsden
Hilding, R. D. 42-31154 ABORT

C Group

Lead Squadron: Red / 710th BS

Leavitt, G. N. 43-37544  
Altman, H. S. 42-107003 Landed at Wittering
Fargason, B. 42-102419  
Champlin, H. D. 42-102651  
Shute, J. E. 42-102668  
Milton, T, A. 42-107229  

Low Squadron: Red / 710th BS

Town, A. E. 42-97819  
Loughrey, R. P. 42-107029  
Prischmann, E. H. 42-97092  
Barrett, G. W. 44-6016  
Read, G. B. 42-102441  
Kenny, R. M. 42-39882 Landed at Hunsdon