Mission 145 (17 Sep 1944) Arnheim, Holland

Target Type: Flak Towers – Market Garden


Mission 145 Notes: 447-A LED 4B Wing; 447-B High 4B Wing; 447-C Low 4B Wing; 447-D part of Composite Group with the 385th and 94th

A Group

Lead Squadron: Green / 709th BS

Loughrey, R. P. 42-97668 PFF #668-N
Milks, H. J. 42-37871  
Dingivan, E. A. 42-31225  

High Squadron: Green / 709th BS

Gormly, R. P. 42-102567  
Qualls, S. F. 43-37795  
Skalitsky, S. B. 43-38230  

Low Squadron: Green / 709th BS

Ray, J. C. 42-97976  
Byrer, H. J. 42-97836  
Gage, R. W. 42-97461  

DIAMOND Squadron: Green / 709th BS

Schimandle, F. J. 43-37667  
Craig, D. W. 44-6462  
Cohen, E. 42-97624  

B Group

Lead Squadron: Red / 710th BS

Norris, T. R. 43-37936 (might be 42-97936, Runway not HS, Call letter F not a match))
Robinson, J. F. 42-107003  
Wilder, W. M. 44-6460  

High Squadron: Blue / 711BS

Gunn, F. A. 42-97803  
Ungar, M. L. 42-39882  
Malhiot, E. T 42-102441  

Low Squadron: Red / 710th BS

Halvorson, H. 42-97092  
Wunderling, G. 43-37821  
Hoffman, B. C. 43-38450  

DIAMOND Squadron: Not Indicated

Morrison, J. U. 42-107117  
Moore, L. W. 42-107029  
McDermott, D. L. 43-37544  

C Group

Lead Squadron: Yellow / 708th BS

Wiegerink, L. T. 43-37774  
Noonan, J. F. 42-107220  
Westrope, R. A. 43-37756  

High Squadron: Yellow / 708th BS

Thorpe, T. G. 42-97400  
McKahan, F. H. 42-37854  
Hysong, J. W. 42-31095 ABORT Oil leak

Low Squadron: Yellow / 708th BS

Quintin, O. J. 43-37797  
Zammett, J. J. 42-32080  
Adams, J. M. 42-102658  

DIAMOND Squadron: Green / 709th BS

Boisson, E. T. 42-107215 Cameraman
Phillips, L. 43-38245  
Herring, D. A. 44-6016 Malfunction over target, did not release bombs

D Group

DIAMOND Squadron: Blue / 711BS

Warriner, R. L. 43-37936  
Hrabovsky, S. J. 42-31188  
Heinrich, D. B 42-97392