Mission 163 (19 Oct 1944) Mannheim, Germany

Target Type: Aircraft Factory


Mission 163 Notes: 447-A Lead Sq 4th “A” Group; 447-B High Sq of 4th “A” Group; 447-C was 2nd Flt Low Section of High Sq of 4th “B” Group

A Group

Lead Squadron: Red / 710th BS

Castle, F. W. 44-8177 PFF #177
Olson, G. E. 43-38712  
Johnson, R. E. 44-6572  
Moore, L. W. 43-38622  
Schell, L. J. 44-6571  
King, M. S. 43-38524  

Low Squadron: Red / 710th BS

Halvorson, H. 44-6595 Landed at Woodbridge
Harmon, C. W. 43-37869  
Pearsall, E. M. 42-107117  
Hoffman, B. C. 43-38450  
Schneider, R. W. 42-37871 Landed at Woodbridge
Myers, P. G. 42-107025  

B Group

Lead Squadron: Yellow / 708th BS

Bonham, F. H. 42-97936 PFF #936
Moore, W. T. 43-37797  
Tietjen, R. D. 43-37756  
Quintin, O. J. 42-32081  
Folts, R. W. 42-107220  
Wiggin, N. K. 42-31154  
Zalewski, T. 43-38725  

Low Squadron: Green / 709th BS

Delle Monache, L. J. 42-97976  
Graves, P. A. 43-38731 ABORTEngine rough
Hewit, E. R. 44-6003  
Johnson, D. G. 43-38719  
Cohen, E. 42-97538  
Cooke, J. F. 43-38230  

C Group

Low Squadron: Green / 709th BS

Lefebvre, M. A. 42-31582  
Wessling, J. V. 43-38605  
Weddle, J. L. 43-37531