Mission 203 (16 Jan 1945) Dessau, Germany

Target Type: Marshalling Yards (Secondary Target)


Mission 203 Notes: 447th was Lead/High/Low on 4th “B” Group

A Group

Lead Squadron: Yellow / 708th BS

Logan, J. B. 44-8365 PFF-Z #365 Landed at Sandtoft
Stanley, G. C. 43-38884 Landed at Finningly
Jacques, A. N. 43-39029 Landed at Sandtoft
Bowling, G. W. 43-38940 Landed at Blyton
Harms, C. J. 43-38905 Landed at Blyton
Mayhew, A. D. 43-38950 ABORT Spare Landed at Woodbridge

Low Squadron: Composite

Folts, R. W. 43-39057 Landed at Sandtoft
Russell, J. L. 43-37774 Landed at Lindholme
Schreiner, J. B. 43-37830 Landed at Sandtoft
Huber, W. C. 43-37756 Landed at Sandtoft
Jennings, H. C. 43-38622 Landed at Lindholme
Beighley, W. L. 43-37544 Landed at Sandtoft

B Group

Lead Squadron: Blue / 711BS

Olds, R. W. 42-97936 PFF-Y #936 Landed at Sandtoft
McMath, R. 44-8643 Landed at Sandtoft
Chandler, H. D. 42-97803 Landed at Lindholme
Hodge, L. T. 42-31582 Landed at Hibaldstowe
Baker, J. G. 44-6016 Landed at Sandtoft
Wolf, G. P. 42-107025 Landed at Sandtoft
Middeleer, W. R. 43-38995 Landed at Blyton

Low Squadron: Composite

Rohde, E. M 43-38984 Landed at Sandtoft
Tetreault, E. E. J. 44-6581 Landed at Lindholme
Malone, E. G. 43-39054 Cameraman; Landed at Sandtoft
Neal, G. G. 43-38731 Landed at Sandtoft
Hayes, P. H. 42-102668 Landed at Sneith
Thompson, R. H. 42-107003 Landed at A-78

C Group

Lead Squadron: Green / 709th BS

Hatfield, B. E. 44-8261 PFF #261 (slated 458); Landed at Sandtoft
Minker, R. L. 42-32080 Landed at Sandtoft
Hewit, E. R. 43-37667 Landed at Sandtoft
Whitney, L. H. 43-38712 Landed at Lindholme
Cooke, J. F. 42-31225 Landed at Sandtoft
DeDiemar, T. G. 42-97624 Landed at Lindholme
Stanley, F. N. 43-37873 ABORT #2 Eng out, switched planes with Krug

Low Squadron: Composite

Nagle, C. W. 43-38230 Landed at Woodbridge
Bates, W. F. 43-38450 Landed at Woodbridge
Bounds, M. S. 42-107215 Landed at Lindholme
Krug, A. A. 42-31188 switched planes with Stanley, F. N. ; Landed at Sandtoft
Graves, P. A. 44-6462 Landed at Lindholme
Dewey, R. J. 43-38524 Leaflets; Landed at Lindholme