New website for the 447th BG

Please read this before you just wander out on the Rattlesden Airfield…


The 447th BG Association’s latest assignment is to launch an updated website and the ground crews will be turning wrenches through the night to have it ready for a mission in the morning. Bear in mind that some of what you’ll be seeing as you stroll through the hardstands is temporary, but will soon be filled with information and photos about the 447th BG veterans and families. You might encounter a “Photo Not Available” notice … have trust that we’ve got personnel scrambling to fill in the blanks as fast as they can.


The crew chief wanted me to remind you again that this will take a little bit, so thank you for your patience. Feel free to stop by the Red Cross bus and grab a spot of tea while you’re waiting.

Before I let you wander around the base on your own, I want to express an amazing amount of gratitude to those historians who have put in decades of research manpower and considerable financial investment in gathering and organizing the great information contained here. A small means of recognizing and honoring the 447th BG veterans and sharing their stories with families and future generations.

Now, go on and explore the base with caution… apparently, someone kicked over a 50-gallon drum of prop wash on Hardstand 7. Worse yet, more than 75 feet of flight line unspooled and has become a tangled mess near the engineering huts. Be careful out there.