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What follows is a collection of items (photos, stories, etc.) of people and planes that may be waiting to be added on a proper page, but were too good not to have available on the website now. If you can identify a photo or help put a person to a crew, please let us know. Of course, the 447th BG included many personnel who weren’t assigned to a fight crew at all. Here is where you’ll find some of their stories until we find the right place for them to land…


Hubert E. Wagoner

From son Ken Wagoner: My late father, Hubert E. Wagoner was a bombardier in the 711th squadron. His brother, my late uncle Walter, once told me when I was quite young (so young that I didn’t know how to interpret what he said), that for a time during the war, my father was the youngest master-sergeant in the Army Air Force. I have no idea if that were true, and it’s quite pointless to try and find out. Still, for me it was worth noting that a decorated major spoke so highly of my father. 

This first photo was taken in New Haven, Ct some time before dad went overseas. Shows dad (scope out those chevrons!), my older brother, and mom.

And the other is of my grandfather, my brother, and my dad on the front porch of the home they rented in New Haven. I had an occasion some years ago, perhaps 2006 or 2007 to visit New Haven, and found this home.  Oddly enough it’s outward appearance hasn’t changed much, and I found it particularly interesting that the house address numbers were exactly the same as they appear in this photo.

I’ll close with one short note regarding my dad.  I had an opportunity in late 1995 to meet a member of the Tuskegee Airman, and thank him for what he did.  Whenever their efforts were mentioned to dad, up until the day he died in ’01, he always had a bit of a catch in his throat, and said (without fail), “They never lost a crew.”


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2004 Memorial event in DC?

This photo was labeled as if it was part of the batch from the 2004 dedication of the WWII Memorial in Washington DC, but it does not match with other photos from that event. If you recall which gathering this was let me know so I can move it to the proper page.


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Jack Geier, 711th SQ

711th Sgt. J. Geier This photo was published in his home town of Wooster, Ohio

Jack Geier, back row second from left.

photos via Dion Geier fb; 2013


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This may or may not be the Bower crew, and caption states the plane is Earthquake. I would love to get confirmation (of crew and/or plane number) and a better quality image to put in the proper place on the site


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Walter Plummer


Staff Sergeant Walter G. Plummer and his wife, Mary, on their honeymoon in New York City (1945).

Walter G. Plummer

Likely in the Communications Section for the 447th Bomb Group, 710 Bomb Squadron, 842 Air Engineering Squadron.


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Carl Michael Keefe, Jr.

Carolyn (Keefe) Allerton and brother Carl Michael Keefe, Jr., Omaha, NE. 

Radio Operator; Ground Crew




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James P. Jennings

Caption reads: Second Lt. James P. Jennings, Co-pilot of the Lush Thrush, 447th Group

What crew was he on? He does have a LBC with the name, position and plane name.


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PFC William Easton — Was working as a machinist at Princeton University when drafted. Volunteered to go to Europe. Sailed on the Queen Mary over Thanksgiving 1942. Returned with flight crew to Drew AFB in late June 1945. Was waiting for deployment to Pacific when war ended. Put himself through night school to finish his high school education. Earned a degree in engineering from NJIT. went on to run a successful publishing company which he sold in 1991. currently resides peacefully in Madison, NJ

Not sure if Ground Crew or assigned to a crew



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Thumper2. This Thumper was constructed on the base with a “Putt-Putt,” a small gasoline-powered generator.



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Labeled only as: Con Carol Ferguson



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Sergeant Joseph F. Martin (no crew association found)


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Charles G Davis

just looking for a page to land on



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Pic of Edward J Flak. possibly associated with 42-97624 and/or 43-37667

A different version may already be on a page somewhere but I can’t find it at the moment.


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James S Bird Jr (which crew?)


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Crew photo associated with Frank J Warner, no other ID


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This was listed as Crew 894 with Pilot Joseph Day

Just storing here until a chance to separate photos and place with a crew page

IDs = Top Row: Joseph Day-P Gary Hudidurch CP, Jacob Brown N, James McColgan B, John Longstreth Bottom: Michael Callahan ROG, Henderson Head AAEG, Raymond Stewart Gun, Alex Shewchuk AG, Raymond Cutchall-AAG


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710 Squadron Football team: Back: Shipton, Ziolkowski, Segera, Wolohan, Takacs. Front: Hirschman, Safko, Tomaszewski, Rhodes.


710 Softball team:  Back: Comstock, Rhodes, Lamprinakos, Shaw, Cleek, Schrock, Takacs. Front: Cromley, Librowski, Furia, Ceroni, Borgula, Wolohan.





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A few named photos that need to find their proper crew…

Charles Paul


George Henry



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Fort Maintenance on hardstand (poor/mediocre photos)




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Commendation letters will be transcribed

M/Sgt David Cassera; Ass’t Line Chief-710 Bomb Squadron


M/Sgt Julius A Martin; Squadron Inspector

M/Sgt Martin was the Squadron Inspector, reporting in through the chief and with the 710 BS since its activation in 1943. M/Sgt Martin had been with the Army Air Corps throughout his entire 5 years in the service. His inspection department was highly commended by inspecting officers of the 2nd Air Force while in the states for being one of the smoothest departments they had seen throughout the Air forces.

Besides Inspecting all Maintenance on aircrafts, the inspector must take care of all modifications that are constantly being done. He must also oversee the team that inspects aircraft when they come back from missions, facilitating the necessary repairs to get them airworthy quickly.



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447th BG ground crew refueling


447th BG crews being transported to their aircraft following briefing


447th BG Briefing Room



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Clarence Vinton, tail gunner




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These are just waiting for a appropriate set of pages to be created. Holding here so I don’t lose track of the photos and ID captions.


Woodrow M Avent, Medical Officer


Captain N.R. Lewandowski; Ass’t Group Communications Officer



Garrett P Hillery: Maintenance Officer at Rattlesden, England


Carl G Palmer;  Group Turrets Officer — was on one of the Harvard planes


Lt. Leo E Falk Armament Officer


Capt. Robert L White; Intelligence Officer 710 Squadron


Lt. Harold N Lantz; Ass’t Engineering officer



Lt. Robert Francis McMahon; Ass’t Intelligence Officer 710 Squadron



Captain Fred A. Rohbraugh; Post Exchange Officer, 447


Estley K Surridge; Adjutant-Pilot


John L Schaub  Ordnance officer


John W Kreshock; Photo Laboratory Technician, 710 bomb Squadron



Sgt Pezzulo



Raymond J Shaw; Laboratory Technician, 710 Bomb Squadron


S/Sgt Arthur


Chester Borkowski; Photo Lab Chief


Long — The Alderman of Ipswitch


S/Sgt TP O’Gorman Group Operations


PFC HD Peters; Clerk


Cpl EB Hughes; Draftsman


Rupert H Miranda; Orderly Room Mail Clerk



PFC John C Cross; Orderly Room Clerk


Sgt Leon Donigian; Orderly Room Personnel Clerk


T/Sgt James L Mackenzie;  Orderly Room Chief Clerk


Above and below — Louis A Takacs; Orderly Room 1st Sargent



M/Sgt Charles F Geisinger; Engineering-Crew Chief 710 (D-Day Doll)


M/Sgt Robert M Bragg; Engineering-Crew Chief-710 Bomb Squadron




M/Sgt Roy H Atkins; Engineering, Crew Chief-710 Bomb Squadron




T/Sgt George L DeLorme; Engineering, Squadron Inspector-710 Bomb Squadron



M/Sgt Willard W Anderson; Engineering-Crew Chief-710 Bomb Squadron (Anderson’s ship Tailwind)


PFC Nicholas Lamprinakos; Engineering Clerk-710 Bomb Squadron (also on softball team)



Sgt Orville D Isaacs; Engineering Clerk-710 Bomb Squadron




Sgt John Ford; Crew Chief for Jersey Bounce II




M/Sgt Rufus John Volkman; Engineering, Crew Chief

(also below)




M/Sgt Henry M Mikulski; Engineering, Crew Chief


M/Sgt Lawrence A Grider; Engineering-Crew Chief (Cock o’ the Sky)



M/Sgt Gordon L Evitts; Engineering, Crew Chief (Little Chum)


M/Sgt Lionell C Davis; Engineering, Crew Chief


M/Sgt Lionell C Davis, Cpl Eugene V Herman and Sgt Albert J Lederhouse



M/Sgt Joseph A Clark; Engineering, Crew Chief (42-107003 Bouncin Baby)


M/Sgt Curtiss D Crossman; Engineering, Crew Chief 



M/Sgt Edgar H Coburn; Engineering, Crew Chief

Edgar Colburn in front of plane, believed to be 42-31148 “Morning Star” 



T/Sgt Doyle R Hatfield; Crew Chief



Sgt Charles L Drake; Ass’t Crew Chief



Sgt Richard E Corbett; Ass’t Crew Chief





T/Sgt Paul L Shipton; Crew Chief (42-102604 Mac’s High Hats)



S/Sgt Joseph M Vitelli; Radio Mechanic

Joseph M Vitelli



PFC Manuel Costa; Airplane Mechanic

Manuel Costa







Captain Thomas K. Perry; Squadron Intelligence Officer






Photos for these have been placed on their respective Pilot pages:

Captain W. G. Reece as Ass’t Operation Officer for the 447th BG 

Lt. William G Eckman as Flying Equipment Officer for the 447th BG

Colonel Clarence L Elder; Commanding Officer