Hampton, M. C.

The Milton C. Hampton crew: 710th Squadron

Drew Field, Florida, Fall 1944

(As assigned Dec 28, 1944)

Lt. Milton C. Hampton
Lt. Robert E. Johnson
F/O Kenneth M. Wells
Lt. Leonard T. Johnson
Cpl. Raymond J. Hasenau
Cpl. Charles E. Lower
Cpl. Paul Stanik
Cpl. Abraham B. Lobel (standing, far right)
Cpl Arthur J. Schuppel


Flights with Milton C. Hampton listed as Pilot

These lists are NOT limited to officially credited Combat missions, and may include Aborts, returns and non-takeoff occurrences as well.

447th Mission (Date) Target Plane Number Notes
#202 (15-Jan-45) Augsburg, Germany 42-107003  
#206 (29-Jan-45) Kassel, Germany 43-38622  
#208 (03-Feb-45) Berlin, Germany 43-39194  
#209 (06-Feb-45) Chemnitz, Germany 42-97826 Landed at Martlesham Heath
#212 (15-Feb-45) Cottbus, Germany 43-38524  
#213 (16-Feb-45) Wesel, Germany 43-38524  
#214 (19-Feb-45) Wesel, Germany 43-39054 Chaff ship
#215 (20-Feb-45) Nurnberg, Germany 42-102668  
#221 (27-Feb-45) Leipzig, Germany 43-39189  
#223 (02-Mar-45) Dresden, Germany 43-39189  
#224 (03-Mar-45) Brunswick, Germany 43-39189  
#225 (07-Mar-45) Datteln-Emscher Lippe, Germany 43-39189  
#227 (09-Mar-45) Frankfurt, Germany 43-39189  
#228 (10-Mar-45) Dortmund, Germany 43-39189  
#231 (14-Mar-45) Hannover, Germany 43-39189  
#232 (15-Mar-45) Oranienburg, Germany 43-39189  
#234 (18-Mar-45) Berlin, Germany 43-39189  
#235 (19-Mar-45) Zwickau, Germany 44-6958  
#238 (22-Mar-45) Heibert, Germany area 43-39189  
#242 (30-Mar-45) Hamburg, Germany 43-39189  
#243 (31-Mar-45) Salzwedel, Germany 43-39189  
#245 (04-Apr-45) Kiel, Germany 43-39189  
#249 (09-Apr-45) Neuburg, Germany 43-39189  
#250 (10-Apr-45) Brandenburg, Germany 43-39189  
#252 (14-Apr-45) Royan, France 43-39189  
#253 (15-Apr-45) Royan, France 43-39189  
#254 (16-Apr-45) Royan, France 43-39189  



Hampton crew with 44-6462 Sandusky Jo



Robert Stenzel (Bombardier – graduated with Len); Kenneth Wells (Len’s Navigator); and Lt. Leonard Johnson.


Handwritten caption is unclear, but this appears to be Leonard Johnson and Hollywood actor Jack Latham.


Still need verification that this is the Hampton crew


Leonard T. Johnson

See also: Combat Diary of Leonard Johnson



Leonard’s Lucky Bastards’ Club certificate, signed on the front by his crew members Milton HamptonRobert E. JohnsonKenneth W. WellsAbraham B. LobelCharles E. LowerPaul Stanik and Arthur J. Schuppel.

More friends that signed the back of the LBC.

See the growing collection of Lucky Bastard’s Club certificates from the 447th BG.



Photos and information provided by:

  • The Family of Leonard Johnson